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Fodder refers particularly to food given to an animal rather than what they forage for themselves. (This includes hay, straw, silage, grass.) The fodder system we are representing is hydroponically grown, has quick turn over and cost effective. This system sprouts cereal grains, such as barley, oats, wheat, sorghum and corn or legumes, such as alfalfa, clover or cow peas.




Benefits of feeding fodder:

  • Reduction in overall daily feed costs.
  • Significant reduction in feed waste.
  • Increased nutritional value in the feed.
  • High yield in a small area.
  • High digestibility.
  • On-demand availability for fresh green feed 365 days a year.
  • Organic and affordable.


Seeds sprout within 24-36 hours and in 6-9 days has grown 6 to 8 inches tall grass mat. This entire mat, grass-seed-roots, can be fed entirely to the livestock. A 10”x20” tray will yield 4-6 lbs of barley grass mat.  (This is from 32 oz of barley seed.) We feed 1 lb of the fodder per goat. A 50 lb. bag of barley seed has yielded 106.25 lbs of fodder. 

12 tray kit

This is a complete 12 tray Fodder Kit. Include the stand, timer, pump, liner, tubing, trays and tub. 


We have a 6, 8 and 12 tray system to meet your needs.


8 tray $300.00 plus shipping

12 tray $350.00 plus shipping



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